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The Business June 20th 2012, "Are You There God, It's Me The Business" Edition

The Business welcomes Young Adult author AMY REED reading from her new book, CRAZY. Amy also wrote BEAUTIFUL and CLEAN.

Supporting Amy will be Caitlin Gill, Chris Garcia, Chris Thayer, Sean Keane, and Bucky Sinister.

There's nothing funny about what happened to you in high school, although what happened to other people is HILARIOUS.

Some people say that comedy is tragedy plus time, but we're going to show you comedy is high school plus time plus therapy.

Why NYRA Needs a CEO -- and Who It Needs

Great racing, thrilling finishes, great television ratings (considering there wasn't a Triple Crown on the line), nearly $100 million in all-sources handle, beautiful weather. What was not to like about this year's Belmont Stakes?

Well, a million little things. None of them awful in themselves, but in the aggregate, Belmont Day was so much less than it could have been.

Let's start with the winner's circle and trophy presentations. Did no one think that Union Rags might win, and that his owner, Phyllis Wyeth, is wheelchair-bound and therefore not very likely to climb the stairs to the podium where NYRA usually presents its stakes-race trophies? The result of not thinking was that neither NYRA Chairman Steve Duncker nor NBC anchor Bob Costas seemed to know what was happening, and that the fans in the stands couldn't see anything of the post-race ceremony. Not to mention that the guys charged with putting the flower blanket on the winner seemed to have no idea when and …

Letting go: Making sense of social magazines and news readers

Applications that aggregate articles based on what others in one’s social network are reading and reformat them into an attractive magazine and presentation formats are growing in popularity, but they are raising concern among some publishers.

The processes build upon the referral and curating functions of colleagues and friends in social networks and reduce the need for users to go to multiple sites for content on their own. Some of the best known social magazines are Flipboard, Newsmix, Currents, and Pulse. Some publishers are starting their own social reading apps, such as New York Times that has a Facebook app pulling together stories that friends have read in NYT. Many publishers are fearful of these developments, however, because they represent another step away from publishers controlling when, where, and how readers use their content, reduce the impact of the publishers’ brand strategies, and diminish control over the presentation and marketing of their content.

But publishers r…

The Business, June 7th 2012, "Oh The Places We'll Go!" Edition

Congratulations, Business fans! Today is your day. You're off to Great Places! You're off and away!

The Business regulars want to congratulate our guest Sam Davidoff on his graduation. No longer will he have to eat his meat to get his pudding! This young man is not just a stellar student, he has been racking up the extra credit in his extracurriculars and is taking over top clubs before he can even open up a bar tab. He also co-produces his own tour, The Young Guns of Comedy. He is not aware of my plan to eat his heart and steal his youthful powers.

He'll get mixed up, of course, as you already know. He’ll get mixed up with many strange birds as he goes. Like the rest of our guests!

Utah born, Seattle based comedian Emmett Montgomery found the comedy stage in late 2004 and has been failing beautifully ever since. Emmett has been involved in a lot of things including critically acclaimed comedy collectives, post apocalyptic variety shows, underground wre…